Older News (2000)

Just a few sleeps to go
December 22, 2000 8:17 am GMT

Howdy campers.

Well, it's just a few (very) short days until Christmas and all that goes with it....

So Season's Greetings to you all, and we look forward to seeing you in the Year 2001 (the REAL millennium as Gary would like to remind everyone).

Next year we'll be recording some of the new material as well as getting out and about across the nation(s).

So stay fresh and smelling sweet.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Clive, Gary, Rik & Andy

Peace Out

Chistmas is coming...
November 18, 2000 8:56 am GMT

...but I guess you probably knew that.

A wee update to let you know that we are offering you the chance to get a hold of "one" for only 10.99 (incl. postage & packaging)!

ALl you need to do is send us a cheque payable to "IndigoEcho Trust" for the total number of CDs that you are after (remember all your cousins, aunties and uncles are probably closet rockers too...) and send it to this address:
IndigoEcho Trust
1 Quality Street
Davidsons Mains

For every order over 3 CDs, we'll even send you a FREE A3 poster. Now that's gotta be a bargain!

For more info, please e-mail us


The Chef

New Tunes
November 10, 2000 8:27 am GMT


It's been a while since I've updated the newspage, so here is a wee bit of chat IE side. First of all, our apologies to those of you expecting us to have been touring in England last weekend. It just didn't come off....but anyway, here is some fresh news:

Gary is firing on all cylinders after his time on the bench when IE were up north....so that can only be a good thing!

Rik has got himself a new "Rik 1"...and it's not Black (for those of you a bit bemused at that, Rik has got a new guitar!)

Clive is on his way back from Shetland where he's been taking IE to the islands - which was fun!

Andy is getting his head round some new toys as IE think about a new demo tape and all that kinda stuff.

You'll all be pleased to know that we've been working on a stack of new songs for our gigs in December - King Tut's on 6 and PowerPoint Edinburgh on 10. SO...get yourselves along to those gigs for the last IE tastings of the year."

Easy now...
October 07, 2000 12:04 pm GMT

Well, for those of you in the know, last weekend was a bit of a stormer.

Hearts won, Liverpool got beat and IE played a rocking weekend tour with substitute bass-player Ian Wintour coming off the bench to put in a solid performance.

Gary had to stay at home, so Ian came along and had the time of his life..."freestyle" in the words of CP.

Aeiris were also on tour with us this time and they were TOP quality.

We played for the first time in Peterhead...what a crowd. Big Up to them for the crowd surfing and splendid singing.

Two new songs were tried out on the tour and both hit home in different ways.

So bring on King Tut's and all the other things in between.


The Chef

Take it....
September 26, 2000 9:03 am GMT

What's up IE watchers?

A big up to y'all who were at the Attic on Sunday...WHAT a night!

..if you were there, send us your review and we might just put it in ths site!

If you are anywhere near the North East of Scotland this weekend, then get yourself along to Aderdeen, Keith or Peterhead for some all out music action...with a debut for some new material!

See the gigs page for more info or send us an e-mail...

Peace out and we'll see you out there.


The Chef.

IE bargains
September 14, 2000 9:13 pm GMT


Just a cheeky wee bit of news tonight.

The albums buy the three bands on Room 3 Records are now available in the Edinburgh "Fopp" store for the bargain price of 10.00.

Catch these quick before they run out!

Remember that you can catch IE at the Attic in Edinburgh on 24 September.....


The Chef

Moving up a gear
September 05, 2000 10:18 am GMT

Greetings IE watchers.

I thought I'd let you know that we have a few gigs coming up that you might be interested in....

Sat 9 Sept, Acoustic gig in Glasgow's Wesley Owen store. This night is free!!

Sun 24 Sept, Full-on, gig in Edinburgh's Attic venue.

29 Sept to 1 Oct, North East Scotland tour.

You can get more details on these things from the gigs page....so check it.

Clive is in Keith this week....taking the tunes to the schools and beyond. Drop in and see them on Friday night as he puts on a rare solo gig...e-mail us for more info.


The Chef.

This is for real
August 29, 2000 9:56 am GMT

Well we have made it back from Greenbelt intact - which is always a good thing.

Once again, Radio Greenbelt carried the sounds of IndigoEcho - with tracks from the album and a live acoustic appearance. A good time was had by all at our main gig with the Mighty Quinn giving us the kind of sound you like to hear!

We are really looking forward to the next few months with plenty of gigs and a chance for us to meet up with you all again.

So peace out and keep it real.

The Chef.

Next stop.....
August 16, 2000 10:24 am GMT

Greetings IE watchers.

For those of you on your first visit to the site, this page should give you the most up-to-date info that there is to find on IndigoEcho.

We had a great time yesterday playing two gigs in Edinburgh. The first was broadcast live in Covent Garden, London and Times Square New York as well as on the Internet - so that was fun.

It was a good chance to spread the IE sound to some new faces.

The Room 3 @ the festival gig was great.

We had a great time and made some new friends too...which is always nice!

Well, our next stop is Greenbelt Festival in Cheltenham - 25 -> 27 August, so get yourself a minibus, tent and some sleeping bags and come along for the ride!

See you on the other side!

The Chef

IE goes Global
August 15, 2000 7:42 am GMT

Not only are Indigoecho playing at the Edinburgh festival today but they have negotiated some air time on a massive stage bang in the centre of Edinburgh's Princes Street Gardens.

This stage is located right in the centre of the city - has two giant video screens and everything is broadcast live on the web and to a satellite locations in Covent Garden, London and Times Square, New York!

They will be playing at 5pm just as everyone is leaving the office from work which is a pretty top time... so if you are in Edinburgh, London, New York or just stuck behind your computer, please come along and give them a yell! The Website is www.worldart.com.

Rollin', rollin' rollin
August 11, 2000 8:06 am GMT


Well, the IE publicity machine is rolling along nicely. You will be aware that we are playing in Edinburgh on Tuesday 15 August in the Festival Fringe Venue 157.

What you won't have known is that we might be playing in Virgin (Princes' St) again or even the Ross Bandstand.

Keep it here for more info when it out....

See you on the 15th

The Chef

Get a hair cut from a Saint
August 01, 2000 8:43 am GMT

Hey, hey, hey...what's inside the picnic basket there, Boo-Boo....

Welcome to another thrilling instalment of ie news.

You may be aware that as well as playing Greenbelt in Cheltenham, we're playing as part of this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe....15 August 2000, 7.30pm, Venue 157, Shandwick Place. Tickets are 6. For more info on a whole week of events in that venue, www.room3.co.uk is the place to go.

It's an 800 capacity venue and we'd love to see you there, jumping about really going for it! Come on, it's the summer....(well it was).

Did you know...that Cliff P is going full time with IndigoEcho Trust today, so that's a good thing - easy for the creativity.

We have a new office, so you can 'phone and leave NICE messages for us on 0131 336 1197. We'll have a new address soon, once the Post Office decide where it is....

Any way, keep the e-mails coming and we'll see you at a Festival this summer....

Win IndigoEcho CD's and Greenbelt tickets
June 12, 2000 10:23 am GMT

Welcome to the ie news page:

Plenty of info for you this week:

I don't know what it has been like where you are but we have had about three weeks of rain, so we are looking forward to some sunny festival gigs.

Here is something to cheer you up:

Britlinks are giving away 2 pairs of Tickets to Greenbelt and 5 copies of IndigoEcho's album "One"!!

The winner and runner up will each win a pair of tickets to Greenbelt and an IndigoEcho CD, the next three will win an IE CD.

To check out the competition click on www.britlinks.co.uk.

To get the latest on Greenbelt check www.greenbelt.org.uk

Update on the Band:

Rik has finished his finals and is now into hanging out at Starbucks chilling with the Edinburgh Tourists, oh and working hard of Course.

Andy has got all the vitamin C he needs as he and Jen returned from a Secret sun-drenched location - easy for the the suncream.

Gary has been chilling with the ladies, notably Tracey, Niamh and Hannah.

Clive has been doing some promo stuff and visting the local A&E department after a sports injury. Andy's quote was 'have you done a Cliff Richard?' after Clive did his back in after a game of Tennis. (Rik will have do to all the stage diving now!)

What about the music news?

Well, we are playing a number of gigs and should be coming your way soon.

Crossover , West Linton, Indigoecho will be doing a late night slot at the Christian Aid tent on Friday 16 June and a mainstage gig on Saturday 17. Check crossover site for more details etc www.crossover.org.uk

Edinburgh Fringe Indigoecho will be playing venue 157 (date to be confirmed)

Greenbelt, Aug 25-28 Indigoecho will be playing stage 2 on Sunday Aug 27, come and check us out.

Mini tour- Aberdeen, Fraserburgh, Keith from Sept 29 - Oct 1

England mini-tour November 9, 10, 11 & 12 venues to be confirmed - if you want to book us get in asap

All the best,and we hope we can catch you at a gig,


Cliff Parcell

Bring it on....
May 20, 2000 9:03 pm GMT

Spring has most definitely sprung and Rik is even able to get up before 9.30am (on a good day). We have been well rested and are getting ready for a full-on assault on the nation over the rest of this year.

CrossRhythms radio have playlisted "Colours" from the album - among only 30 tracks chosen! Greenbelt have invited us to play at this years festival (along with Nervous Passenger and SuperHero) so look out for us if you're gonna be there.

Breaking News
We are planning a tour for the south of England in November, so if you would like to book us, support us or even put us up while were down your way, please e-mail us NOW!

...and finally

New songs are coming and some fresh arrangements of the current crop, so see you at CrossOver in June and then at a venue near you!


The Chef.

Where is Edinburgh...?
March 28, 2000 20:32 pm

Greetings IE watchers.

We return from the Emerald Isle having once again made some new friends. A big thanks you to Kelly Curry and all at "the coffee house with the weird name that we can't spell".

Some of you may have noticed that IndigoEcho are playing a rare Edinburgh gig on Thursday night - if you're free, come along for a great night. Mail us for more info (mail@IndigoEcho.com).

If you haven't got a copy of "One" yet, then you can get a FREEEEE download of a whole track from the tunes page. The album is available on-line from www.Room3Records.co.uk or in the shops at HMV, Virgin and Wesley Owen.

Finally, there are some big things stirring for the autumn time, so keep checking up for some more news as and when we have it.

Keep it real.

The Chef.

Add a bit of colour....
March 10, 2000 20:16 pm

It has taken me this long to recover from our Northern Ireland mini-tour, so please accept apologies for this later-than usual update!

We had a great time in Belfast and Post Stewart last week. What a blast! A big thank you to all of you who pitched up as we really enjoyed our time over the pond.

Three radio stations in N. Ireland have picked up the CD, so that can't be bad...it was worth the severe sleep deprivation!

Anyway, we've had a few more gigs confirmed - We'll be in Edinburgh on 30 March and then in Perth on April 29.

Thank you for your time, and feel free to send us an e-mail...

The Chef.

Speed Bonnie Boat.....
February 29, 2000 18:41 pm

Greetings, fellow surfers.

What a great time we're having in the wilds of Scotland. Hopefully you too are looking forward to the springtime and all that it brings.

Clive was down in London recently doing some crazy things and made even more friends in some pretty high places - more good contacts and we are really looking forward to coming round your way soon....

We will be updating the website with some new things soon, but we've got the small matter of a mini-tour in Northern Ireland to get though first. If you're near Belfast on Friday or Post Stewart on Saturday, come along and say hello.

Anyway, enough of this chat, I'm off to watch the Simpsons....

Keepin' it real

The Chef

Where's the snow.com
February 08, 2000 20:59 pm

Well, what a weekend.

We had a great time at Edinburgh's Virgin MegaStore, and really enjoyed ourselves. Big thanks to all of you who turned up and "maybe next time" to those who didn't - watch this space for news on other high street music stores.

The Northern Exposure II tour saw the debut of sound guru "Quinn" and lighting chief "Stubin". Maybe we'll get them on the web-site too....but only if you tell us that you want them! We had a great time up north, only it didn't snow this time. With goo d crowds in Aberdeen, Elgin and Keith it was great to see so many new faces.

Thanks again to all those who came out and we will see you soon.

By the way, did you know that you can access this site via "www.indigoecho.com"? Well, you do now!

The Chef

IE Unplugged
January 26, 2000 22:52 pm

Though I'm sure many of you won't believe it, we have managed to tear Rik away from his new (even louder) amp for long enough to get a cosy little acoustic set ready for your delictation and delight.

We are on at Edinburgh's Acoustic Cafe' this Saturday and would love to see you there.

Venue: New Restalrig PC, 1a Willowbrae Road, Edinburgh.
Contact: Andy Chittick - 0131 669 2472.

Doors open @ 7.30pm.

See you there.

The Chef.

More news "One"
January 19, 19100 22:47 pm

Greetings, IE watchers...

Some little bits of news for you. The Virgin Gig is all confirmed for Thursday 3 February (THIS year) at 6pm. It would be great to see all you late-night shoppers out in force!

The CD continues to do well, with the village of Keith in the North East of Scotland holding its own for the highest number of CD's sold per head of population.

HMV are now getting in on the IE thing (you can e-mail them too if you want) so watch this space. Also watch out for new merchandise on-line. Aye, the times they are a-changin'....

Add a bit of Colour.

The Chef

Hot News Flash
January 07, 2000 20:38 pm

.....STOP PRESS..........STOP PRESS..........STOP PRESS..........

IndigoEcho have been booked to play in Edinburgh's Virgin MegaStore
on Thursday 3 February 2000!

The CD is also now available through this store.

We hope to see as many of you as possible cramming the place to support us
as we take the music to a new audience. More new developments in the next week
so keep checking the site for information.

Take it higher.

the ie boys.