Old News (2001)

December 14, 2001 8:47 am GMT

So, have you begun shopping like you've never shopped before?

Are you in need of a break - a chance to chill out and reflect on the REAL meaning of giving gifts?

If that's sounds like a good idea, check out the chilled-out, smooth sounds of IndigoEcho at Edinburgh's acoustic cafe'.

The gig is on for one night only on Saturday 15 December 2001. 7.30.

There will be refreshments available and you won't even need to jump about like crazy!

And.....if you are struggling for that gift for someone, you can order a copy of the debut album "one" from www.cdbaby.com/indigoecho. If you want a copy of the single, get along to Wesley Owen or head to the gig!


Chillin' it.
December 10, 2001 8:25 am GMT


So, you may have survived the Christmas Rock Night (heckler and all), but what's next?

IE chill-it (in tune with the weather) for the Acoutsic Cafe' on Saturday.

Check it.

ps - Musical Travesty? Buy a CD for your Gran.

pps - Winter Warmer? Buy an IE Hoodie for yourself.

21 days to go....
December 05, 2001 8:33 am GMT

...less than 21 days to go (So Solid Styleeee)

Yo, what'sup? Peace to y'all from the IE crew.

Things are getting ready for the Christmas ROCK nights in Glasgow and Edinburgh....check them out - www.futurelive.co.uk.

As for 2002? Well, the gigs are planned until April and then we'll see what the next stage is from there.

Keep in touch and we hope to catch up with you this weekend.

Check it.

The IE Chef

Officially UnOfficial.
November 23, 2001 8:30 am GMT

MC Stubin has been well and truly on da mic.

Check out http://www.indigoecho.jetcow.com

Aye, for real.

The Chef

Going all the way
November 19, 2001 8:37 am GMT


Well we survived our expidition to Galway - making a fair number of new friends on the way.

Big up to the "not-stupid" posse and the Rik-wannabes....

A little earlier than scheduled, some new tunes broke cover and made their International Debut. Looking good for the Christmas gigs (check the gigs page for more chat on those).

That's about it for now, keep in touch (by e-mail or the guestbook) and we'll see you on the road.

PS - In reply to MC Stubin's guestbook message....watch out for new stuff in 2002....!

IE on CR
November 13, 2001 9:10 am GMT


What's the good word with you guys?

Just a wee bit of news on the Interview front....

Clive will be interviewed on CrossRhythms radio on Thursday and Friday afternoon this week. Check out Mike Rimmer's show around 3pm and hear the latest from CP on da mike....

You can hear CrossRhythms on Sky Digital Radio (channel 876) and at www.crossrhythms.co.uk.

Check it

The Chef

PS - see you for the Christmas Rock Nites....

The goose may be on a diet...
November 09, 2001 8:27 am GMT

Cryptic greetings...

The nights ARE fair drawing in (getting darker, quicker for those not familiar with that Scottish phrase).

It's been a while since we were out and about - hopefully you've had the CD to keep your longer nights warm - so you'll be delighted to know that we are heading on the road to put on some Christmas gigs.

Check out www.indigoecho.com and click on the GIGS link.

This will be the first UK airing of some new tunes - so check them out.

That's about is for now...keep it real!


The Chef.

Keep the flag waving
October 22, 2001 8:40 pm GMT

As the weather is a bit grissly, it can be hard to keep it real.

So, why not wrap up warm:
You can buy an IE hooded sweater for only 18
Get nice and cosy with your CD player and listen to some IE tunes
Check it

You know that the IE boys are not in hibernation (across the nation) but we are sorting things out behind the scene's for some new material, some new shows and taking things on to the next level.

We hope that you will come with us as we get ready for the journey - so Keep it Real, Keep it IE. Share the news and Feel the Grooves.


Tower hits No 1 in Edinburgh Chart
October 10, 2001 4:03 pm GMT


Tower (from the debut Album 'one') has topped Edinburgh's MP3 chart. The track has only been available for a few days.

Those who haven't - check out MP3.com/indigoecho for a taste of the web-tastic action.


The Chef

October 01, 2001 1:46 pm GMT

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boy & Girls,

IndigoEcho need YOU!

Do you have a Media Player on your PC? Do you thrive on new challenges? Do you want to see IE on top of the MP3.com chart?

(say yes now....)

Click on to MP3.com, check out the IndigoEcho page and download Tower or Take my Tears (from the album "one") TODAY!

We are giving these away free, so go on, check it out!




September 19, 2001 12:46 pm GMT

Things continue to roll along....

With a few great gigs under the belt (thanks to all who came along to Virgin, WorldArt, Room3, Greenbelt, P's & G's, Keith and Aberdeen), it's time to get some new tunes on the boil.

We'll be back on the road in November and December, with plans still being formulated.

Thanks for your support and keep in touch.

the IE boys.

Last train to Keith Central
September 13, 2001 4:05 pm GMT

Last update from the Chef before heading up to the North East of Scotland for the weekend.

If you fancy it, we are playing in Keith (Aberdeenshire) on Friday.

You can also catch IE live in Aberdeen at Queen's Cross on Saturday.

Contact us by e-mail for more info.

These are the last IE gigs until November, so check it and come along.


The IE Boys.

Is this the real life?
September 04, 2001 4:27 pm GMT

A wee request from the Chef.

We want to make the WebSite a little more interactive, so.....send us your reviews of an IE gig or CD (snail or e-mail) and we'll put the best ones on-line!

Let us know where you were and what you liked - and let us know what you didn't like too (in a nice way...)!


The IE Chef

PS: Did you know that we have some new merchandise available?

1] Just in time for September (which I am reliably informed is usually one of the sunniest months), we have some strappy/girly navy blue vest-tops. Classic IE logo. Only 10 incl P&P.

2] Like good Scouts, you too can get prepared for the winter with an IndigoEcho hoodie, again navy with the IE logo. In the words of MC Stubin "well decent". only 20 incl P&P.

Give the IE hot-line (office) a call or e-mail: mail@indigoecho.com to order yours!


CP on da Mike
August 31, 2001 9:03 am GMT

Hi, all you good people.

Just to let you know that INDIGOECHO will be playing the most intimate of gigs (semi-acoustic) on September 8 2001 P's and G's hall in Edinburgh @ 7.30pm.

If you missed it last year, then you missed out.

This year the guys are joined by the talented 'Coastal Dune' all the way frae England.

There are only 80 tickets available for this event so you will need to be quick out of the blocks. Tickets are only available from Wesley Owen, Edinburgh from of Saturday 1 September 2001.

The tickets are a bargain 5 and you can call Wesley Owen on 0131-225-2229.

Last year the gig sold out 3 days before showtime so be first in the line.

We hope to see you there.

Keepin' it real.

the CP

What a week.....
August 29, 2001 12:02 pm GMT

Yes indeed, what a week.

With Live Internet and TV Broadcasts, a storming Edinburgh Festival Gig and a Smooth set at Greenbelt, the IE boys are taking a well earned rest - until they help out Fairmilehead PC on Sunday night!

Tickets will soon be available for the gig at P's & G's (with Coastal Dune). Check here later for more info!

Thanks to those of you who came out for the gigs - and to those of you new to this thing - welcome on board the IE train.

Next Stop.....who can say....?

The Chef

woohoo! \0/
August 20, 2001 10:05 am GMT

Easy for the IE Nation.

We had a great time at Virgin last week - thanks to Daryl and the team there for the welcome and the heat (the air con was on the blink...).

The NEW CD single is now available, so get yourself down to a music store near you - and enjoy! It features two brand new tracks as well as a remix of an ols favourite. There is also some exclusive CD-Rom content!

So the next gigs are:

* Live on the net @ www.worldart.com or World Art stage, Princes Street Gardens on Wednesday 22 Aug, 1.20pm. Free.

* Room3 @ the (Edinburgh) festival - with Switchfoot. Friday 24 Aug, 7.30pm. Venue 157. Buy tickets @ www.room3.co.uk.

* Greenbelt - we are playing twice on Sunday 26 August. First up is the fleadh at 'the Performance cafe' (7pm). Our main set is on Stage 2 @ 8.55pm if you don't have tickets go to www.greenbelt.org.uk.

Hope to see you there!

Check it
The Chef

What is elevating?
August 14, 2001 5:05 pm GMT

Hey, what's up?

We hope you are having a great summer - we have had a good one (despite the midges, rain and cold North wind - but hey that's the delights of a good Scottish Summer!).

We know some of you will now be back at work or school etc. after holidays - what a drag eh? Well fear not there are plenty of chances to brighten up your day with an IndigoEcho gig near you!!

* CD launch at Virgin MegaStore, Edinburgh - this Thursday 16 Aug, 6pm. Live in store, we will be playing our new tunes. Free.

* Live on the net @ www.worldart.com or World Art stage, Princes Street Gardens on Wednesday 22 Aug, 1.20pm. Free.

* Room3 @ the (Edinburgh) festival - with Switchfoot. Friday 24 Aug, 7.30pm. Venue 157. Buy tickets @ www.room3.co.uk.

* Greenbelt - we are playing twice on Sunday 26 August. First up is the fleadh at 'the Performance cafe' (7pm). Our main set is on Stage 2 @ 8.55pm if you don't have tickets go to www.greenbelt.org.uk.

So there are loads of opportunities to catch IE live this month - You will also be able to buy the new CD single at most good record stores! If you can't let us know or get them to stock it.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again and we hope you are up for the gigs.

later, CP

What's with the hair, man
July 23, 2001 7:41 am GMT


A wee update on all things IE.

CP and Andy were down in sunny Newcastle on Tuesday last week at the TV studios of God Digital.

After an eventful drive down (feat. MC Stubin, a very wide load and kamikaze bunnies) the boys chilled in the green room before sharing some IE chat for the Dream TV program.

This will be shown on Tuesday 24 July at 10pm on The GOD channel. So get all your friends together and settle down for a live TV experience - you may even catch come of the new material from the forthcoming CD single.

The single is hot and ready for release on 16 August at Virgin MegaStore in Edinburgh. Write that date in your diary and we hope to see you there.

Chillin' it.

The Chef.

the CountDown is on....
July 16, 2001 8:19 am GMT

Yep, it's official.

The IE promo wagon is on the road again - it's only four weeks until the release of the new IndigoEcho double-A side single "Fade Away/Coming Home".

Sign up to our mailing list (if you haven't already) and we'll keep you informed about how to get hold of your copy of the brand new IndigoEcho material.

More information will be available on line in the near future, so keep it here and keep it IE.


The Chef

Bring it on!
July 07, 2001 8:38 am GMT


Thought it was about time that I said a few words from the IE camp.

We're working really hard at the moment: Rik's working on his tan; CP is playing with Lego; Gary is being an Italian driver and Andy is getting the new CD sorted....

The CD package is looking sweet and the tunes are being wrapped up this very day (TYL)! Final preparations are underway for the Launch Gig at Edinburgh's Virgin MegaStore - We really hope you'll come along and give us a shout!

Remember the Festivals this year (Carberry, Edinburgh and Greenbelt) and look out for a new, improved web-site - send a few thoughts on what you'd like to see here in the future.

Keep it real

The Chef.

Well and truly Crossed Over
June 18, 2001 12:18 pm GMT


Those of you who did not make it too the gigs on Friday missed a stormer.

45 minutes of your favourite rockin' IE tunes in a marquee with some sweet lights from SKL, the crowd were quite literally blown away.

Then about 1 hour later, the most intimate of chilled acoustic-stylee gigs in the Chritian Aid tent (50 people packed in) to hear the late nite musings of the IE boys.

All in all - a great night!

See you on 31 July at Carberry for more of the same, but keep checking back as there will be loads of news to come between now and then.

Keep it real

The Chef

Hey-diddly-ho neighbours!
June 11, 2001 6:47 pm GMT

Fife get on board the IE Train!

We had a great time in Fife last week where we met a lot of new people and saw some old faces too.

It was great to see people singing along to songs like 'Why?'. It is encouraging to know people are listening to the words of our songs.

Thanks to all the people out at Burntisland that made it a great gig. (We loved the lights, Hoggy)

Crossover festival

This year's festival has had bumper ticket sales so be prepared for a jumping gig.

If you want to come along for the day or night then go check their website for details: www.crossover.org.uk.

We are looking forward to seeing the IE Posse turn out in full force. We are playing the main event this Friday night and a late night Acoustic set on Friday too.

So bring your sleeping bag, flasks, torches and best singing voices.

See you all there


Band Wagon rolls on
May 30, 2001 9:06 am GMT


How are things with y'all?

I thought I'd just say hello and give a quick update on the 2b/this generation gig on Saturday.

It was great to be at the SECC and to meet a load of new faces - we hope to see you at CrossOver and Room3 @ the festival in the summer.

Thanks to the Genesis Foundation for the welcome and to you all for your support.

Next up - Burnisland and then CrossOver - see you there.

The Chef

2B or not 2B
May 26, 2001 1:10 am GMT

IndigoEcho are playing at the SECC Glasgow on May 26 2001 (today!). The event is called '2B' and it is going to be great......!

If you are thinking about going to the beach for the weekend - forget it. The weather man says it's going to rain, rain, rain, so head west my friends and come and join us for a great evening.

Tickets and more info can be found by phoning 0141-580-2365

See you there.....Cliff Parcel


Switchfoot and IndigoEcho

Indigoecho will be playing with Switchfoot at the Edinburgh Festival Aug 24 2001.

We are looking forward to a great night before Greenbelt beckons.

For more info on this and the rest of the Room 3 @ the festival, go to www.room3.co.uk

IE on TV - EP on CD
April 26, 2001 9:10 am GMT

Still abbreviated.....

Well, it's all going a bit chicken oriental this week.

With the final touches being added to the CD, photo shoots, video edits and gigs, it is all a bit mental.

We hope to see you over the weekend, but if you can't make it to North Berwick or Stirling, then set your video for 11.30am on Scottish TV and record "Eikon".

The show features an interview with Clive and some footage of use "hard at work" filming for the CD.

Hopefully we will see you this weekend, and if not that you will see us!


IE Chef

Live and Loud
April 24, 2001 12:26 pm GMT

We have had letters and e-mails saying how you love to see indigoecho live, so here is your chance:

We love to play live, it is great getting a chance to play the music and to be suprised buy what will happen on the night.

Will Rik fall off the stage?
Will Andy slot in some of those new grooves
Will Gary put some bass extra notes in?
Will Cliff Parcel manage to not break anything on stage?

You have a chance to get the live IndigoEcho experience this weekend.

Friday April 27 8pm St Andrews Blackadder;
High Street, North Berwick
Tickets 3 on door

Saturday April 28 8pm Connect @ Covenant Life Centre
61 Murray Place, Stirling
Tickets 3 on door
phone 01786 480418 for more info

See you there

IE Chef

IE on TV & CD
April 18, 2001 1:01 pm GMT

Abbreviations for the Nation!

As you read, we are working hard on the next chapter of the IndigoEcho CD trail with an EP due for release in August. We hope to have a load of special fetures on this CD, so look out for more news.

We are also in negatiations to put IE on TV, so again, keep it here and we'll keep you up-to-speed.

"One" continues to be available from Virgin, HMV, CDBaby and Wesley Owen, so hook yourself (and your friends) up with a copy before they are sold out.

(if you have any problems getting a hold of the CD, drop us a line and we'll sort it out for you)

So that's it for now, if anyone has any "good" photos of us (from gigs etc) please send us a copy and we might end up using them!


The Chef.

Would you listen encore une fois
March 08, 2001 12:08 pm GMT

Our Debut CD 'one' is now on the listening post in Edinburgh's Virgin megastore.

If you live near by, drop in listen to the CD and buy a few copies to propell us to number 99 in the Charts or higher (you may want to buy 10 copies...!).

We hope you are as chuffed as we are about this.

Remember to come and hear some of our new material at the Attic-cowgate-Edinburgh March 15 8pm.

Tickets from Wesley Owen Edinburgh or Glasgow or the Ticket Hotline 0141-572-0585.

See you soon

The IE boys

A few tunes
February 22, 2001 8:22 am GMT


Just a bit of an update on the new recording. We were away in the studio last weekend and have started work on a few new tunes for release later on this year.

At the moment it looks like we'll be releasing a single with a few surprises on it. So we'll keep you in touch if you want to be (click on the echo-mail button and sign-up if you have not already).

So that's about it for the mo - but you will be able to catch us live at the Atic in Edinburgh on 15 March with SuperHero and Dr. Jones.


IE Chef

Bring it right on
January 29, 2001 8:31 am GMT


What a weekend! For those of you too late to get tickets for the gig on Saturday, you missed a treat! Let us know if you'd like us to do another one.....

We made a lot of new friends this weekend in Edinburgh & Kirkcaldy, so that's always a good thing.

The new tunes gigged well, so we're looking forward to recording them and getting a new CD out soon!

Keep the e-mails coming and we'll see you soon - the diary is filling up nicely.


IE Chef

January 25, 2001 11:51 am GMT

Hey Kids!

The gig in Edinburgh on Saturday has SOLD OUT
Only come along to this great night if you have a ticket!

The band are playing other gigs in the next few months, please check the gig page for more details.

If you are going on Jan 27 we hope you have a great night and chill to the sounds of IE, Cully & Splendid.

Check it.

Cliff Parcell

Hey hey hey!
January 09, 2001 12:47 pm GMT

Hippy Now Yiar

Greetings from IE HQ! Well rested and seasoned to the maximum fill level, IE are ready to take on the world in 2001.

First up is a cosy acoustic gig in Edinburgh on 27 January, featuring Splendid and Cully on the bill.

Tickets for the Edinburgh gig are available from Edinburgh's Wesley Owen for 4 each, or by sending a cheque (before 22 January) to the Trust office.

For further details on the Vision event on 28 January, telephone Richard Baxter 01333 352329.

Stay fresh, keep it real.....Easy Now.

IE Chef